Because of its key geographical location, strong economy, significant mining operations and importance as a hub in the South American Pacific area, and ease of access from the main cities in the world, Peru is well situated for University degree programs, especially MBA programs. Peru Specialist DMC has established good contacts with many aspects of corporate Peru to facilitate educational awareness and appreciation at a senior level. Special interest travel caters to the millions of North Americans who share one common goal, to better appreciate and understand topics of special interest to them. Often, although not always, linked to museums; libraries; universities, especially alumni; teaching hospitals; religious institutions, etc. By linking with specialists in Peru who share the same interest we work with the organizer or leader to develop an itinerary that covers every aspect of the group’s interest and to make sure its achieved through meticulous planning and operations. We also recognize that the guests generally seek to meet local people; enjoy good, fresh local food; good company; and comfortable accommodation throughout and we ensure that all happens.