Why Peru

Peru, which is roughly twice the size of Texas, is a rich mix of wonders, from the exuberant Amazon to the immensity of the Pacific Ocean, where natural landscapes blend together to create a country of great beauty, encompassing the deepest canyons on earth, the longest and largest river in the world, ancestral cultures, and the oldest civilization of America, wonders that astonish the world. And to top it off a genuinely warm welcome and a gastronomy that delights the taste buds. Due to its strategic location and ease of access, as well as boasting one of the best performing economies in Latin America, in part because of the rugged, mineral-rich Andes that support some of the world's biggest mines (gold, silver, copper, and more), Peru is recognized as a regional hub in the South American Pacific area and proof of this are the many meetings and events that Peru has hosted for presidents and world leaders. Peru has daily and direct flights from the world’s major business centers, including Bogota, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Washington, New York, Orlando, Houston, Atlanta, Toronto, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona and Paris.